A Fine Collection of Ladies' Jackets

This group of jackets uses one basic body with front, sleeve, cuff, skirt and length variations. Each view is composed of different pieces, and pieces may be combined to create other styles. The dates given on each view are approximate, based on elements found in extant examples.

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View A is cut with a long skirt, center front closure, and sleeves with winged cuffs, suitable for the 1750’s.

View B has a long full skirt, open front, stomacher and cuffed sleeves, as was worn in the 1760’s.

View C has a short full skirt, open front, stomacher, and curved sleeves, appropriate for the 1770’s.

View D has a short skirt with pointed back, open front, stomacher and curved sleeves appropriate for the late 1770’s to early 1780’s.

The elements of this original pattern have been derived from extant garments in the collections of Snowshill Manor, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the Kyoto Costume Institute, and a private collector.

A pointed back may also be seen in Description des Arts et Metiers, L’Art de la Couturiere, Fig. 14, M. Garsault, Paris, 1769.

This pattern is well suited to plain or printed fabrics.

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